Monday, October 13, 2014

Web activity following World Dairy Expo, near last year's numbers.

Fall is definitely in the air and for some alfalfa producers, the 2014 haying season is now behind them.  For others, it’s nearing the end.  Fortunately, some producers were able to get some good to excellent quality forages in the bale at the end of the season.


I checked on the web statistics yesterday for the first 13 days of October.  From October 1st   through the 13th, there have been 211 individuals visit the inventory pages at  That is just 25 less visitors this year than for the same time period last week.  57 percent of this year’s visitors were new visitors to the site.  This is typical after we’ve been to a show and talked to potential customers.  That being said, the top five states visitors are coming from is Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, California and Minnesota.  Again, Californian interest is primarily for exporting alfalfa.


Prices for large squares continue to range from $180 to 260; small squares $250 to 275; large rounds $80 to 150; and grass in large rounds $65 to 100.  These prices are priced per ton at the stack and are actual sales reported by members of the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association.