Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Join The Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association?

Today I would like to spend a little time talking to you about the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association and why it is important.


The purpose of the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association is assist members in producing and marketing alfalfa and forages.  Forums are provided for the exchange of information on production and marketing methods among members and from outside sources, such as the Mid-America Forage Expo.  The Association takes an active role in promoting Nebraska alfalfa and forages, including exhibiting at shows attended by potential customers like the Colorado Farm Show in Greeley two weeks ago, advertising and referral of potential customers to members.  In all of its marketing activities, the Association seeks to create and reinforce a favorable brand image of Nebraska alfalfa.


The alfalfa industry drives a huge portion of the United States economy while also creating environmental and sustainability benefits.  Its value for soil conservation, nitrogen fixation, energy savings, crop rotations and wildlife habitat is unsurpassed. 


In the fiscal year 2012, corn received $44.6 million dollars in funding from the USDA and soybeans received $34.5 million dollars.  Alfalfa received $3.7 million dollars. 

Associations like the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association and the National Alfalfa and Forage Alliance are fighting for funding so that alfalfa offers a competitive value for farmers.  During the last decade, there has been a 16% decline in alfalfa acreages across the country.


There are no check offs in the alfalfa world.  Currently all we have are a handful of Association working for the forage industry and we need members in order to fight the good fight.