Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association DBA Independent Forage Growers

For the week ending May 3, spring fieldwork was in full swing until rain fell over eastern areas on Saturday and Sunday, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. An inch or more of rain was recorded in many east central and southeastern counties, while the remainder of the State remained mostly dry. Temperatures averaged three degrees above normal. Some producers finished corn planting and were turning their attention to soybeans.  Pasture and range conditions rated 7 percent very poor, 11 poor, 39 fair, 39 good, and 4 excellent.


Web statistics show 487 individual users visiting for the month of April 2015.  For the same time period last year, that number was 454 which shows this last April up 7.27%.  The top 10 states that the interest is coming from is Nebraska, California, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. 


N.A.M.A. has recently made a significate change to our name.  The Association now is formally known as the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association DBA Independent Forage Growers.  This will not affect the structure of the Association, the bylaws or the mission statement as listed in the articles of incorporation.  It simply allows us to promote ourselves to a broader market for membership, hopefully removing the stigma of only supporting alfalfa producers and the Nebraska forage industry.  The goal is to attract forage producers from surrounding states to grow membership and support the forage industry.